Tuesday, May 5, 2015

HashOcean.com Review

HASHOCEAN has Six data-centres. High earning power. Return on investment within 5 months.

HashOcean is a cloud mining website created more than 2 years and a half years ago to the United States and it has 6 data centers in the world (2 in San Francisco, 1 in New York, 1 in Nuremberg and 2 in Singapore). Serious and transparent, it one of the biggest cloud mining sites of the world.

It’s necessary to create an account using your email address. Then you should check your email and log on to HashCoin by using the received data. As soon as you enter the site you get 15 Kh/s and your mining starts. You can control the statistics of earned crypto-currency every day on the Transaction page. If you like the productivity of this service you can purchase the powers on the Buy page.

HashOcean Cloud Mining is a good investment. Miners are going in groups to create a website and offer its customers in the use of mining powers. It is more productive than solo mining. Before investing check these projects and contact for details administration. Cloud Mining is currently the leader in the relation speed / productivity. It is an advanced type of mining team and represents the conclusion of the “contract” with the company. The entire process takes place on a remote server and does not require you additional costs.

Hash Ocean is a cloud mining site that a new site that has mixed review. Many of the bad reviews of Hash Ocean come from the fact they have the highest payout rate of any cloud mining site we have seen. Another issue is the website post news from 2013 while the domain was purchased in 2015, this interesting issued has resulted in many forum posters to call this site a scam. After reading their offer (they give a 15 GHS bonus when you purchase 20 KH/s cloud mining hash,)   I decided to do give the site  a test drive. Since there price of $6.20 (USD) for 20 KH/s  to start up was so cheap I figured I would not be out too much if the site did not pay out. After a couple hours of my 0.00025592 BTC showing up in my Hash Ocean account, I decided I did not want to wait to long for the min of .005 so I purchase and additional  50 KH/s pushing my daily yield to 0.00060 BTC. Well today was the day the balance met the minimum payout and sure enough 0.00062475 BTC showed up in my Coinbase wallet.

After some further research it seems the company use to have another domain and may have split into 2 different companies. That may explain why some of the information on the site is dated to older then the site. I will keep you posted with updates but as of today they are paying. Click here to check out their pricing.
While I have invested money into this site I recommend not spending money you can not afford to lose. There Payout is very high which often indicates a ponzi scam of some sort. To be up to this point (12/27/15) they have paid on time every time, in the end that’s what we really care about.

Hash Ocean Pros:

    Low Start up Cost
    Fast return on investment
    Easy to use interface

Hash Ocean Cons:

    They measure in Kh/s which can be a some what confusing
    No proof of mining
    Support phone has very long hold times,
    Can not select coins to mine

The Table below reflects the Payouts and ROI of Hash Ocean
Company    Date    Hash Rate    Total Investment     Total Pay Out    ROI    Status
Hash Ocean    1/1/2016    725 KH/s    0.49313983 BTC    0.33792445 BTC    68.52%    Paying
Date of 1st deposit 11/07/2015
hashOcean is Still paying as 3/15/2016

While this graph shows an ROI of 6852% these numbers a bit misleading. of the 0.49313983 BTC I have invested 0.33792445 BTC came from Hash Ocean payouts. meaning I have only really invested 0.15521538 BTC to get a current daily return of 0.00521 which calculates to a 3.35% return a day!. Now keep in mind this took a while to get to this point, but as of March 2016 Hash Ocean still has the best daily payouts that I know of in the bitcoin cloud Mining business.

UPDATE: 03/15/2016 Hash Ocean  is still paying on time!


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